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ADU Laws: Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are at the forefront of California’s housing innovation, driven by new laws in 2024 that promise to reshape the housing and construction landscape. Ted Design Build, a leader in ADU design and construction, is poised to navigate these changes with homeowners, offering expertise in the evolving ADU regulations including landmark legislation such as AB 1033, AB 976, and AB 434.

The Dawn of a New ADU Era: ADU Laws – AB 1033 Explained

AB 1033 introduces a revolutionary concept allowing ADUs to be sold separately from the primary residence, under specific conditions. This law, championed by innovative companies like Ted Design Build, opens new possibilities for homeowners, offering a fresh perspective on property investment and utilization. The implications of this change extend across the real estate and construction industries, promising benefits and challenges alike.

ADU Law – AB 976: Freedom from Owner-Occupancy Requirements

With AB 976, the removal of owner-occupancy requirements for ADUs marks a significant shift in California’s housing policy. This change simplifies the ADU rental process, potentially increasing rental availability and contributing to housing affordability. Ted Design Build is ready to assist homeowners in leveraging this new flexibility, optimizing the potential of their properties in this changed regulatory landscape.

ADU Laws – AB 434: Streamlining ADU Development with Pre-Approved Plans

AB 434 mandates that municipalities offer pre-approved ADU plans by 2025, a move that could significantly reduce development time and costs. Ted Design Build supports this initiative, offering expertise in navigating pre-approved designs and ensuring that ADU projects are both efficient and tailored to individual homeowner needs.

The Ripple Effects: How New ADU Laws Impact California’s Housing Landscape

The new ADU laws are set to have a wide-ranging impact on California’s housing market, addressing critical issues like affordability and availability. As a company deeply involved in the creation of ADUs, Ted Design Build is at the forefront of understanding and adapting to these changes, ensuring that homeowners are well-positioned to benefit from the evolving housing landscape.

Navigating the New ADU Regulations: Tips for Homeowners and Buyers

In this new regulatory environment, homeowners and potential ADU investors need clear, actionable advice. Ted Design Build offers comprehensive guidance on navigating the complexities of the new laws, from understanding local ordinances to exploring financing options and evaluating the impact on property values.


As California embarks on this new era of ADU legislation, the opportunities for homeowners are as promising as they are complex. Ted Design Build stands ready as your trusted partner, offering expertise and personalized service to navigate the 2024 ADU laws. Whether you’re considering an ADU project or seeking to understand the implications of these laws on your property, Ted Design Build is here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to explore how we can bring your ADU vision to life under the new legal landscape.

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